Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Commitment To Responsible Corporate Practices as a conscientious corporate citizen, MTD Group recognises the importance to balance out good business performance with responsible corporate practices that have a positive impact on the communities that we operate in. as a multinational company headquarted in Malaysia, we are deeply committed to embedding responsible work ethics within our day-to-day business operations and throughout the length and breadth of our global operations. Until today, the Group continues to undertake tangible corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in the areas of the Community and Workplace. To ensure the Group objectives are met, the following principles will be considered and integrated into its business conduct.


We focus on enriching lives of the Community we serve. These would mean developing and organizing communication programs and initiatives for our industry stakeholders through various community service projects, donations, managing business partners and media relations.


We focus on developing a competitive human capital management by providing them with the necessary resources and support, and encourage employees’ engagement programs to enhance their skills to strengthen the spirit of teamwork.


We focus on building a strong brandname by adopting ISO certifications and standards and risk management policy that manages the Group reputation in the industry. A periodical meetings with the employees and providing industry updates to various stakeholders in order to mitigate or minimise risks, thus increasing trust in our brandname.


We focus on integrating environmental knowledge into practices in our daily conduct of business. This will be demonstrated in the “save the green” program adopted by the group and tireless efforts in undertaking environmental researches in the projects it committed.